Wouldn´t it be simply amazing if just for today you did not need to wash your hair?


It would save you some time in the shower… you think just before you silence the alarm clock and hurry to start your daily routine.

We have all been there and what is most interesting is that keeping our hair squeaky clean might not be as beneficial as we thought. Many experts agree that shampooing less frequently will result in healthier and shinier hair as you will not be actively stripping your hair from its natural oils.   Depending on the length and thickness of your hair it is best to wash your hair every other day.

So next time you are pondering if you should wash your hair as part of a ritual to create a beautiful updo, think again and do your hair a favor. For those of you who have long abundant hair you can consider washing your hair once or twice a week.

Many women also prefer how their hair looks on the second or third day.  Weather, your hair texture, length, haircut and hair products you use will also have an effect on how your hair looks the day after it has been washed.

For most women with straight hair second day hair is best for updos, braids, buns and all types of styling.  The reason?  Hair will not be as slippery and will have some volume for the updo to hold onto.

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