To Bangle or Not?


One of the most current trends of today is bangle bracelets. Bangles come in all shapes, sizes, designs, colors, and hinge. Many women are finding themselves loving bangles and the look that they portray. While loving what you’re wearing is important, it is equally important that we do not over due. Many women wonder, do I bangle or not? When is too much? Are they an accessory for everything? These are really great questions.

Accessories are meant to accent your outfit and figure, not to be the focus. Too many bangles will do that exact thing and you come out looking like you should be stuck on the shelf in your local JCPenny’s as a model of what not to do. Bad move.

So what do you do? Some of the best ways to wear bangles is to vary the size and color and do not pass stacks of three. Doing this will not only bring core focus to the massive bangles, but also make your arms to appear short and stubby instead of long and luscious.

Negative on top of negative. Now, with that said the amount of bangles depends on their size. The skinnier the bangle the more you can put on, but head warning as you do this. Do not under any circumstances bangle yourself into mummification.

Another question that frequently pops up surrounds the subject of the same color, same style, and same size. Wearing the same style and color will blend the bangles into your attire, but will lack the enhancement. Classy not Gaudy! Mix it up, and be bold and beautiful.

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