Three Steps To Improve Self Confidence


If you don’t believe in yourself then others won’t believe in you. Being confident does not mean being arrogant. You can try these three easy steps to help boost your self confidence.

1. Try A Makeover

Makeovers can do wonders for people. We all have our own sense of style and we think we know what works best for us so we get use to wearing the same type and style of clothing and hair style but let’s embrace good positive change. It’s nice to have a fresh pair of eyes looking at you to help with your makeover.

Try a different style of clothes that you ordinarily wouldn’t try. Remember the catch phrase is “makeover”. Try a different hair color and hair style. If you don’t know what style to try then take a picture of a different haircut into your beautician. Schedule yourself a manicure and pedicure and change your regular nail color.

Changing the color and style of your clothes and shoes will do wonders for your new you. I guarantee that people around you will notice the change. When you look good on the outside it helps portray confidence.

2. Focus on your blessings

Oftentimes people focus on what they don’t have rather than what they do have. Don’t focus on the negative rather the positive. I found that if you began to thank God for the basic things that you have that this helps bring you back into focus and your life may have more meaning. It can be easy to focus on negative things because there is so much going on all the time but let’s change our mind today and began a new way of thinking..

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Remember that you may not have everything that you think that you want but thank God for what you have. Sometimes it’s hard to see just how blessed you are but other’s can see it because they are looking from the outside in.

3. Speak Positive Words Of Change Over Your Life

I am confident.
I am smart.
I am always on time.
I value other people.
I am a joy to be around.
I am happy.
I am a nice and friendly person.
I am beautiful / handsome.
I am a good employee
I am a good boss
I am important
I have a purpose
I will have a great day today.

You are on your way to making positive change in your life and improving your self confidence. Be consistent with your new change. Always look for new ways to improve yourself and your life. You will impact others around you with your new energy. Show the world a new you that is friendly, outgoing and confident.


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