Why is Threading Better Than Waxing?

Threading Better Than Waxing
Threading Better Than Waxing

Eyebrow threading is becoming more popular as people begin to understand the benefits of threading over waxing. Threading involves using a single piece of thread sliding against your skin to pull out the eyebrow or facial hairs from the root. It is very popular in India and the Middle East, and is beginning to catch on in the western cultures.

If you are considering having your eyebrows sculpted with the threading process, you should ensure that you are using an experienced technician to have the best results and overall experience. Ask around to friends or other stylists to find someone with a good reputation. Some of the key benefits of threading over waxing are:

Threading reduces the chance of skin irritation, stretching, wrinkles, and dark spots over time. Waxing involves ripping the wax off of your skin. This causes additional skin stretching over time, which eventually results in more wrinkling. The area around the eye is very sensitive, which can bruise easily and result in dark spots over time if waxing is done frequently.

Threading gives you a more define and sharper outline to your eyebrow. The thread is very thin and straight which allows the technician to sculpt your brow in a very detailed way. The overall results can be truly amazing with an experienced technician. Again, it is important to do your research and check out other client results before you choose the right specialist.

Threading is usually much less painful than waxing. The thread will roll extremely fast across the skin, which reduces the pain when the hair is pulled out. Waxing is slower and does not always pull the hair completely out which causes more pain.

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I would encourage you to try threading if you are currently getting your brow waxed. Be sure your technician is experienced and you will be very happy with the results


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