Ten Fashion Tips for Choosing and Using Bags


If there were no bags for carrying our daily necessities, I would assume that not many of us could live with that. But it would be so boring if we just pay attention to its function while neglecting its appearance, especially in the light of today’s fashion criterion. So never take purchasing a functional bag as a simple matter of course. Now, I would like to introduce to you ten fashion tips on bags.

No.1 one for all solution-black and brown bags

For one who cannot spend more time, energy or cash on different bags for everyday dress, black or brown bags would be the best solution! Such a match not only helps to brighten the complexion and emphasis the collage of colors, but it also helps under some conditions to give an impression of glowing.

No.2 bright-color bags shine all the way

No worries about whether the jeans and T-shirt match or about dark suits making you look dull; because a bright-orange, red or pink handbag is enough to help you look sparkling in an instant.

No.3 Oversized bags-your good helping hands

If the pockets of one-piece dress are jammed with stuff!, that’s really awful! But if you fill up the small handbag, although it may be convenient, I bet your little clutch would be, mangled. So if you have a lot to bring with you, a big handbag and a small wallet would be a wise choice. The wallet sits in the handbag, which is convenient and tidy.

No.4 the most practical choice—dual-use bags

For carrying by hand and also on your shoulder, a dual-use bag could adjust to your multiple needs and clothing matches. Young girls will want to have a try!

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No.5 the most elegant and delicate type for ladies—chain bags

To use metal chains as a bag not only increases the sense of exquisiteness and fashionableness, but also enhances the elegance of the entire outfit.

No.6 The queen of rock and roll—rivet bags

A rivet bag also makes you look cool.

No.7 The most graceful–cylindrical Tote

Cylindrical retro totes always give the sense of gracefulness, like a lady in the 17th century royal family. Cylindrical retro totes are not only suitable for formal occasions but also for the office.

No.8 The most worthy investment—luxury bags

Ostrich, crocodile, anaconda and other leathers, are all works of luxury. These are definitely superfluous, but they are also a pretty good portable investment.

No.9 Choose the right bag to match your figure

If you are petite, do not carry a bag which is big enough to overshadow you. Some middle and small size bags are right there for you. For taller girls, never choose small bags that destroy the balance of your body, instead just try to choose a large size or oversized bag.

No.10 Time to retire the overused bags.

We can be nostalgic, but we should also notice when it’s time to get a new bag. Holes, stains and over-wearing all warn you that your extremely damaged bag should be retired.


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