Solve Your Denim Dilemmas

Solve Your Denim Dilemmas
Solve Your Denim Dilemmas

From denim jackets and denim skirts to your trusty jeans, it’s hard to imagine the world of women’s clothing without denim. It’s hardwearing, versatile – and never goes out of style. Where would we be without it?

Although blue jeans will always be a classic, these days denim comes in every shade of blue you can think of – plus every other colour of the rainbow too. Here’s our guide to what’s on offer.

Stonewash Stonewash denim is the classic light blue look that we all know and love. From jeans to denim jackets and so much more, stonewash denim is perfect for a casual look.
Bleachwash Bleachwash denim is even lighter and often has panels of a much lighter shade down the centre of your jeans. This gives a streamlining and slimming look.

Vintage wash Vintage wash is a relatively new style of denim. Still blue, but faded and muted to really give a look of age, vintage wash clothing is perfect for fans of retro fashion.
Indigo Indigo jeans are more deeply dyed for a dark blue colour. These give a much smarter appearance making them great for dressing up and going out in.

Acid wash Much beloved in the 80’s, acid wash jeans have a very bleached out look, almost to the point of being white. They’ve made a big comeback recently but make sure you update them wither other up-to-the minute pieces to avoid looking like an eighties throwback!

Embellished Although denim is usually thought of as for casual clothing, that doesn’t mean it needs to be plain. From studded or bejewelled jackets to prettily embroidered jeans, there are lots of ways to add interest to what can sometimes be an unglamorous material.
Coloured With the 80’s revival, coloured denim has also made a comeback.

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The key is to go for really intensely dyed denim that really pops. Go for skinny jeans in a bright red or cobalt blue for a striking look with real wow factor.

White denim Once looked down on, white denim is perfectly acceptable for summer time or if you love the eighties look. Stick to skinny jeans shapes or try teaming a white denim jacket with a sweet floral dress.

Black denim Black denim gives a totally different look to classic blue denim, whether it’s for a skirt, dress, jacket or jeans. Black jeans look great dressed up with heels for evening and give more of an edgy rock chick look. Remember, if they fade, you can always dye them again.

Distressed denim The great thing about denim is the way it wears – it just gets better with age! The odd scuff or rip only adds character and these days you can buy your jeans ready-distressed for an authentic look.


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