Setting Yourself Up

Setting Yourself Up
Setting Yourself Up

Fashion accessories are often considered the forte of women, but in fact, to make a good and lasting impression, men too can accessorize their outfits there are a few basic items that men need to include to their wardrobe. Having a selection of them will work since accessories need to vary with clothes and occasions that they are being worn to.

Here is a look at some of the items that are a must-have in the male wardrobe. Start with a wrist watch. Branded wristwatches with broad metal wraps or with a large dial will get your hands the attention you will want. Of course making sure that the dial and strap suit your hand is also important. Having thin wrists and a broad watch in no way help in drawing good attention to yourself.

When you are out shopping for such watches, look closely and you will find those that come with interchangeable strap giving you two looks at one go. It’s a good idea to invest in these. Leather straps with a sheen are also a good option. Chronograph watches go well with suits and quartz-styled watches go well with casual outfits.

Tie bars are often ignored in the realm of men’s fashion as they are considered useless. However, as an accessory, they can be quite an interesting piece to work with. Depending on the kind of suit you have, choose a classy tie bar that is made from silver and comes with an engraved trademark as well. This gives it a look of class. Such tie bars go with any form of suits as long as you have belt buckles and watches that match.

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Jewelry may not really be your thing, but a Titanium ring can give you a touch of class like nothing else you know. Don’t go in for the plain and simple bands, but look for something that comes with futuristic patterns. Since you have 9 fingers that go suit a ring, take your pick on wearing them.

Bags are also a great accessory for the working man, especially a designer messenger bag. Look for one that comes with stitch details that are contrasting, large interiors and two buckles up front. They should also have an adjustable shoulder bag so that you are comfortable carrying them around. Having metal connecting rings also helps. Dark browns are an eternal favorite.

The latest in technology too is extremely important. Have a touch screen phone, complete with a good camera, WiFi access and the ability to downloads songs and movies and you are ready to roll.


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