Is it Safe to Take Slimming Pills During Pregnancy?


Every woman is worried about excessive weight gain during pregnancy. However, it is inevitable to put on weight during this time as it indicates good health for mother and child. Moreover, a woman should avoid taking extra stress during this time. Many women are so conscious about weight gain that they start taking slimming pills to shed extra weight. But, is it safe to take slimming pills during pregnancy? Read on.

A large number of slimming pills contain amphetamine, cocaine, caffeine, and many other stimulants that can leave unpleasant effects on your body. Some of these substances may increase your palpitation rate, while others can even cause high blood pressure even in a non-pregnant woman.

Everyone knows that high blood pressure can be extremely dangerous for mother as well as child during pregnancy as it may result in premature delivery. Though not many studies are available to indicate the effects of slimming pills on fetus, but it is difficult to accept them as safe during pregnancy. In fact, many slimming pills affect your appetite, and thus can be very dangerous to the development of the child.

Many health experts recommend not taking these pills while you are breast feeding your baby as it is still unknown whether these drugs are excreted in breast milk.

Many drug manufacturing companies sell these pills without even informing the user of the actual ingredients and their effects on your health. Moreover, there is no law that instructs these companies to specify if these drugs are safe to use during this time. So if you are taking such pills and want to conceive, it is highly recommended to speak to your doctor and find out if there exists any other method to lose weight.

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