The Plus Size Girl’s Guide to Accessorizing

The Plus Size Girl's Guide
The Plus Size Girl's Guide

Accessories can make or break your outfit, transforming something plain and simple into something very special. They can also ruin a perfectly good outfit. Here are the rules to follow if you want to get it right – and the best ways to complement your curves.

Work that waist

Waist-cinching belts are a curvy girl’s best friend. The worst thing you can do is hide away in shapeless sacks – if you’ve got curves – flaunt them! Adding a waist belt to a tunic or dress instantly gives you a sexier silhouette. Look for deep, corset style waist belts for extra wow factor.

Think big

If you’ve a fuller figure you can have lots of fun with bold, bright accessories. Try an over sized clutch or roomy shoulder bag – perfect for storing all your essentials and even the inessentials! This isn’t to say you can’t go dainty now and again if the mood takes you but you’ll really shine in chunky necklaces, big costume rings, bangles and brooches. Not necessarily all at the same time though. Which brings me nicely onto my next point…

Don’t overdo it

You can have too much of a good thing, so decide what you want to be the focal point of your outfit and let that take the limelight. Got a huge necklace? Keep your earrings petite and sweet. Going for fabulous dangly earrings? Think about going bare-necked to really show off those fab earrings. Stick to only one or two statement pieces and keep the rest a bit more subtle.

Space maker

Fuller figure women need to make sure they don’t hide their neck to avoid looking stocky. So make sure you don’t wear a necklace or a choker that covers up your neck completely – a slightly longer necklace that sits above your cleavage or comes down over your chest may look more flattering. A really long necklace will have a streamlining effect, drawing the eye down. Light scarves tied around the base of the neck can look very glam and are a great way to add a pop of colour – but make sure you keep the knot or bow to the side or back of the neck.

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Hair today

With the fashion for big, teased and tousled hair, hair accessories have really come into their own. From hippy style hair bands worn across the forehead to oversized corsages and cute hair slides there is so much choice, making for an easy way to give any outfit an instant update. Nothing looks better with a fuller figure than fuller hair – so let hairspray be your new favourite accessory!

Match point

Colour co-ordinating with an outfit is fun but don’t go too matchy-matchy as it can look old fashioned. For a more modern take try mixing it up a bit by using contrasting colours or using two key colours for your accessories instead of just one. If you live in black and dark colours, accessories are a great way to add colour without investing in a whole new wardrobe. Try coloured or patterned tights for a funky twist – and a brilliant way to show off great pins!

So there are a few tips and pointers for you. But remember, fashion is an individual thing and rules are made to be broken, so if you’ve got a look that you really love – go for it!


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