Introducing Some Colour To Your Wardrobe

Best Colour Wardrobe
Best Colour Wardrobe

Whilst sometimes it can be very tempting to resort to wearing the same dark shades of black, grey and brown all of the times and these colours can look great, too, much of the same thing can get boring.

They say that variety is the spice of life and adding a bit of colour to your wardrobe is a great way to add some spice to your life. You do not need to abandon dark colours all together, autumn and winter are the perfect time to mix punchy bright with black or other dark colours for a really eye-catching combination.

Best Colour Wardrobe for women
Best Colour Wardrobe for women

Choosing the right colours 

Create outfits that look great is all about finding just the right colours for you. There will be a whole range of shades that will look great on you but there will also be some that do not suit you as well. You can recognise which ones look great by holding them against your face. The right colours will make your complexion glow whilst others that do not suit you as well will make your complexion look drained.

If you are not sure on which colors to wear try looking around you at people with a similar colouring and see what they look good in. You could also try looking at old photographs of yourself and work out which outfits look amazing on you.

How to combine colours

How you combine different colours will completely change their look. Mixing any bright colour with black or contrasting colours will increase its intensity. Mixing a bright colour with white will obviously lighten up the look but have you also considered mixing colours that are quite close. Mixing complementary colours will give you a subtle but very stylish look and is also a great way to start introducing colour to your wardrobe.

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 Experiment to see what looks best

There are all sorts of rules that you can follow with regards to wearing and combining colours. You can never really know how an outfit will look until you try it on though. Experiment with different looks using colour. If you are a little nervous of wearing too much colour then try a print with a little subtle colour or try adding one or two coloured accessories. If you have great legs, coloured tights are also a great way to add colour to an outfit.


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