Fashion Tips For Those Who Lack a “Stylish Mind”

Fashion Tips
Fashion Tips

I think sometimes we get led into thinking our wardrobe should be made up of bright coloured clothes but that is not the case, we should think of dressing from a classic view point rather than with loud colours and an extreme outfit that would draw a lot of attention.

You have been invited out to quite a special function and of course you will have to dress to meet the occasion. I am sure we all know we have our favorite colours and that we are comfortable in them, we should try not to wear all of the colours that are available.

A good way to check your complimentary colours is to use a kerchief or scarf with lots of different shades of colours, holding your choice of colours up to your face and find those that compliment your eyes and skin tones. After you have done this you have an idea of what you should not ware and what to start with..

To look well dressed choose a colour that will serve as a basis of your wardrobe. Ideally picking a neutral shade so you are able to adapt your dressing to several stylish looks and when purchasing any new clothes you have a basis to build your wardrobe on. Then you will look well dressed every time you go out without breaking your bank account to build your wardrobe. You will not go wrong buying classics simple fashion pieces.

Choose knit tops, blouses, along with well made skirts and slacks. Yes, laundry is cheaper but having your classic outfits dry cleaned keeps them looking like new longer. Try to stay away from wild prints as that is what they look like wild ” If you stay with your simple basic colour scheme and modest pieces you will be able to mix and match almost anything without a piece making your outfit look outlandish.(more to come) watch this column.

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