Fashion Tips and Advice – How to Pick Clothes That Flatter Your Skin Tone

Pick Clothes That Flatter Your Skin Tone
Pick Clothes That Flatter Your Skin Tone

The first step in the process of selecting what color clothes to buy is to determine your natural skin tone.

One way to do this is to observe the color of your nail bed or pinch the skin under your arm or your inner thigh. Does the tone tend to appear more reddish-orange, reddish-blue, pinkish-blue, peachy or yellowish? Once this is determined, you will have a set standard for your natural tone.

The colors that will appear most organic to your skin are the colors you determined via your “pinch test”. Conversely, contrasting colors will create vibrancy.
If you prefer a more subtle style, stay within the realm of you natural tones.

Remember that most people fall into one of the four color seasons, and there are colors that should be encouraged and avoided for each one:

Winter: Winter people fall into the “cool category” and have pale, beige with a hint of sallow or green undertone, rosy, black, brown, brown-black, or olive skin. Their natural hair is black, blue-black, dark or medium brown, chestnut, silver, or salt and pepper. Winter eyes are all shades of brown, gray-blue, all shades of blue, yellow-green, or gray-green.

Autumn: Autumn people fall into the “warm category” and have ivory (sometimes with freckles), peach, ruddy, golden beige, or coppery-bronze skin. Their natural hair is honey or dishwater blonde, red, coppery or chestnut brown, charcoal, or golden gray. Autumn eyes are brown (reddish, amber, or black-brown), hazel, green (clear, pale, golden, or avocado), turquoise blue or teal. Autumn eyes are never blue-gray.

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Summer: Summer people fall into the “cool category” and have porcelain, rosy, beige with a hint of sallow, or ruddy skin. Their natural hair is smoky blonde or brown, dark brown (with or without red highlights), ash gray, or ash blonde. Summer eyes are icy blue, gray-blue, dark blue, pale gray, gray-green, clear green (with or without hints of yellow), hazel, or soft brown. Summer people usually burn first, then tan.

Spring: Spring people are in the “warm category” and have skin that is ivory or milky-white with some freckles, peach (with freckles), beige, golden beige, or ruddy with peach. Their natural hair is golden, honey, or flaxen blonde, strawberry blonde, red (with freckles), golden brown, or gray with yellow. Spring eyes are blue (clear, deep, or aqua), green (clear, golden-green, gray-green or blue-green), light golden brown, or hazel.

Springs and autumns (the warm category) should try for gold-toned colors; bright greens and pinks or corals for springs, heady greens, oranges and deep yellows for autumns. Summers look best in clear, blue or silver-toned colors like cherry-red or violet, while winters should try for blue-toned pastels and icy colors, like navy, powder pink, or cool gray.

As a final note, please realize that these are just general guidelines. Some individuals may find that a particular color outside of their category looks fabulous, and vice versa. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and always have fun while shopping at Funkyfunclothesshopping!


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