Fashion Tip Cure for the “Fat Days”


Whether you are a size 2 or a size 12, all women share the “fat day” conundrum. Days where you stand in front of the mirror trying on one shirt after another only to end up exhausted and sweaty with still nothing to wear. To spare yourself the trouble of trying on your whole closet in an attempt to hide the belly that suddenly appears to have grown overnight, creating a “fat day” collection will save you time, energy and nerves.

A great way to hide the stomach is to get some tunic tops. They are flowy tops that do not cling to your body. Since sheer fabrics are really in right now, going for a sheer tunic top is a great solution to hiding the muffin top and belly without looking frumpy.

Go for darker colors, they always make you look smaller. Choose tops that are light and fall gently at the sides without clinging to the problem areas. If you tend to have bigger hips make sure the hem of the shirt does not fall at the widest point of your hip area, this will make you look bigger, rather choose a top that will fall just above or below the widest point of your hips.

Stay away from horizontal stripes unless you want to take on a shape of a refrigerator. Billowy tops are also great at hiding the belly and muffin top. Make sure you get the right size to avoid looking too billowy and frumpy. Same as with the tunic top, make sure the length does not hit you at your widest point.

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Show Off Your Goods:
Instead of worrying about your tummy, wear something to bring attention to your assets, be it legs, neck, eyes or shoulders. Accentuate your collarbone and neck with a v-neck top.

Wear a tunic short dress to show off your legs while achieving to hide the potbelly. Any sort of embroidery or beads or patterns that are around the chest area will automatically bring the attention up from midsection.

Wearing a little more make up is another fashion tip that draws the eyes toward the face and away from the body, just make sure your palette is ready for the attention. If you have great arms, halter-tops are a perfect way to emphasize them. Invest in a halter that drapes in the front for a sexy and elegant look. Any sort of draping in front does wonders at concealing the belly.

Darker colors always make you look smaller; so go for darker top and lighter bottoms. If you want to thin out your whole frame, then go for a dark top and dark bottoms.

Once you’ve established what pieces of clothing can serve you during your bloated or “fat days”, you’ll know exactly what to reach instead of trying on your whole closet while plundering your self-esteem.


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