The Fashion Secret the Experts Won’t Tell You

Fashion Secret
Fashion Secret

For decades, I poured over fashion magazines like Vogue and Glamour, trying to find a style that would work for me. I copied what I saw in stores, hoping that if it looked that good on the mannequin, it would look good on me!

But somehow, I never landed on a style that always worked. Never found the elusive something that made it possible to walk into a store and walk out with an outfit that I knew was guaranteed to look wonderful on me every time I wore it. In fact, I often walked out with something that sat unworn in my closet without my understanding why it did not work so I could avoid making the same mistake again.

We Have the Wrong Measuring Stick…

“We have been judging ourselves as women against a ‘supermodel standard’ that we can never measure up to. The standard of a very tall, thin sleek woman that appears much younger than she is-that’s what we have come to consider beautiful. And to make matters worse, with all the photo enhancing and airbrushing that now takes place in the media, the superficial beauty we pit ourselves against can only perpetuate a deep inner sense of failure in the effort to feel beautiful as a woman.” -Carol Tuttle, Dressing Your Truth:

Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile

Not Enough Information

What you need to know, in order to choose the right clothes for you, to wear the right makeup, and feel beautiful every day, loving what you see in the mirror is something the fashion industry will never tell you. The truth is that no matter how beautiful something is, not all of us can wear it.

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Our face shapes and body shapes are different, and so are our personalities and body language. We do each have a style that is perfect for us, but unless we know what it is, we are likely to make the same mistakes over and over again because we will choose what looks good without knowing whether or not it looks good on us.

We Blame Ourselves

If we do know that something is wrong, we blame ourselves for not being right in some way for the gorgeous outfit we wish we could wear.

But the truth is that we will look beautiful if we dress according to our own beauty type. When we discover our beauty and energy type and learn how to dress accordingly, we will love what we see when we look in the mirror!


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