Does Extension Length Matter in Terms of Detection?


Hair extensions are the number one choice for achieving quick hair length changes. With just a few clip-ins here or a few there or even having them sewn into your real hair, you can convert a short or medium hair style into a long and full one.

Perhaps one of the primary questions women have regarding hair extensions is “will they be detectable if I use long extensions”? Now it is going to be very obvious to people that see you every day that you had extensions put in and that’s OK but what you want to be able to achieve is to fool the hundreds of strangers you encounter every day. The general answer to this question is “no” but that is not the answer in all cases.

Achieving undetectable extension results has some factors to consider. The most important factor to consider is the quality of the hair. Real human hair is best but even all real hair extensions can differ by quality. Some hair might be virgin hair, which is ideal because it has been determined to be free of chemical processes such as hair perms, highlighting or coloring.

Even hair that is considered virgin does not guarantee it will be the best of quality. If the donor had very poor nutrition, the hair will indicate a direct result of this by it will feel dry and brittle to the touch; which then leads the hair more vulnerable to break off.

If you consider purchasing synthetic hair or any sort of synthetic blend, you will want to make sure that the hair looks and behaves like natural hair. Sometimes synthetic hair can look a bit too much like “doll hair”. If that is the case, your extensions will be a dead giveaway that they are fake.

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Hair color is also a dead giveaway as to extensions looking fake. If your extensions are a shade or two lighter or darker, then it will be quite noticeable. This is why it is recommended to purchase hair that closely matches your natural color and should it need to be colored, it needs to be made of real human hair. Synthetic extensions do not color the same as real hair.

Lastly, you will need to consider is whether or not you are looking for a temporary hair style change that you can put in or pull out on any given day or do you want a more permanent extension. For a temporary look, go with clip-in extensions and if you want something more permanent, you will be more interested in sew-in extensions.
So in closing, your extensions will be undetectable if you seek out the above mentioned guidelines.


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