Most Effective Exercises For Weight Loss


More and more people are becoming obese these days for the most obvious reasons. Sedentary life style, irregular food habits, and lack of exercise are some of the major causes of obesity among people.

A great deal is being talked about an effective weight loss diet so that you shed those easily acquired extra pounds and become normal and healthy and maintain it for life. Exercises do help you in reducing your weight. But it is important to know that a combination of proper exercise with a good diet makes your weight loss process simpler.

The key to success in any weight loss program is to find the right kind of exercises that suit your body and be effective in helping you reach your objective.

Metabolism and weight loss. Your body metabolism plays a crucial role in weight loss. In order to burn more calories than you eat, you either need to consume fewer calories or engage in physical activity or both. Exercises are generally classified into aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

Cardiovascular workouts or aerobic exercises are the best for losing weight and to keep your heart in perfect condition.

Anaerobic exercises are usually done in a gymnasium where you can have access to fine equipment.

Walking is one of the best aerobic exercises that can help you in bringing down your weight. Start with slow walking if you have been sedentary for quite some time. After you have got familiar with the exercise, take to faster walking.

After a couple of weeks, try alternating slow walking with fast walking and you’ll be amazed by the good results. Walking is the simplest and most effective exercise as it does not require any special equipment.

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Running is another aerobic exercise that is suitable for youngsters.

Swimming is an effective exercise that helps you lose weight and gives tremendous support to your body joints.

Bicycling, rowing, jogging, step aerobics, dancing and climbing are the other cardio exercises that are the most beneficial in your weight loss program.

Apart from the above natural cardio exercises, a good alternative for you to lose weight under expert guidance would be to visit a gym and workout on a treadmill and power walk. Anaerobic exercises like dumbbells and weight lifting also help to a great extent in burning excess fat.

Benefits of cardio exercises:

  • Improves the condition of the heart.
  • Increases lung capacity.
  • Enhances metabolic function.
  • Guarantees weight loss when combined with a balanced diet.

Points to remember:

  • Never attempt to achieve too much too soon. Everything has to happen gradually, so set a reasonable goal and work towards it.
  • Avoid monotony by changing to new activities.
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.
  • Give yourself a break between workout days.

To sum up, it would be no exaggeration to say that if you start on a healthy diet along with regular physical workouts, you are sure to achieve a reasonable weight loss.


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