How to Cut Hair – The Facial Shapes Explained


The most commonly requested service provided by hair stylists, is the skills of how to cut hair successfully. A professional hairdresser will be able to achieve a customer’s specified style by skilfully reducing length and general thickness. A good haircut can frame and shape the facial area and will totally change the way someone appears visually and in turn, enhance their self-confidence. Listed below is some hair cutting tips relating to the shape of customer’s faces.

The Facial Shapes

Take into deep consideration all of the dominant facial factors present when choosing a hairstyle for a customer. This is one amongst the foremost and crucial aspects of hair styling and can greatly determine the level of customer satisfaction when it comes to creating any requested hairstyle. The shape of the customer’s face should be well analyzed so as for you to pick the very best kind of hair styling creativity that will compliment their facial shape.

Oval Face

The oval face form is well-known to be a face shape that can comfortably wear almost any sort of hairstyle.

Round Face

For round face shapes choose a hairstyle that lengthens the shape of the face. Try to layer the top for fullness and height. Thinning the hair out below the cheekbones can present the illusion of a much narrower chin line.

Heart Face

With heart shape faces try to encourage a hairstyle design with more fullness, much lower on the face and around the chin, with less fullness towards the forehead area.

Square Face

Wispy bangs and temples tend to blend a square-shaped face. Wavy hair will help increase the softening impact. Straight lines, straight bangs and straight or flat hair on such face shapes should be well avoided.

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Oblong Face

Trying to reduce the overall length is one of the prime goals when choosing a hair style for oblong face shapes. Bangs are quite a nice alternative, as a result of the fact that they do not add additional length. A hairstyle with swept bangs may be a wiser choice for this face shape, because it will create the illusion of a much shorter forehead.

Bearing in mind, all of the above hair cutting tips concerning facial shapes, you can instantly understand how to cut hair correctly for your customer’s, who will be more than happy with your creative hair styling skills and may well want to come back to you time and time again.


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