How To Copy Freddie Mercury’s Mustache


Freddie Mercury’s Mustache is world famous and rightly so. It has become one of the most iconic style icons of the last few decades and has been copied by men from all walks of life. As a singer, songwriter, and musician, Freddie Mercury was top of the league. His compositions are still loved and adored by legions of fans today. There are very few people who do not know the words to “We are the Champions”, “We will Rock You”, and “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

The mustache is very much a symbol of manliness, and Queen’s front-man took this aspect of wearing facial hair to another level. Though cynics may say that he chose this look to hide his overbite, what cannot be denied is that his facial hair became one of the most well known looks of any musician of the last thirty years.

There are many famous mustache wearers that carved out a niche in twentieth century culture. This includes Groucho Marx, Charlie Chaplin, Adolf Hitler, Frank Zappa, and Paul Newman. Men who choose this type of facial hair are often thought of as being dominant and powerful, more so than beard wearers.

If you would like to cultivate your own mustache based on that worn by the Queen front-man, you are far from alone. The good news is that this is a look that does not take too much effort to get right. To start with it would be useful if you were to examine a number of pictures of Freddie Mercury in his heyday.

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Fortunately, his facial hair did not change much over the years, because of this it is far easier to copy his style. Once you have found suitable pictures that highlight his features in detail, the next step would be to gather together the necessary grooming equipment. Depending upon how fast your facial hair grows, it can take a number of weeks for a satisfactory length to be ready for trimming and styling.

You should invest in a professional pair of male grooming scissors, these need to be kept sharp and clean. Though regular scissors can be used, they do not always provide the best cut. Special wax can be bought to help create the right kind of look, this is a secret that a lot of men are unaware of.

To perfect your own version of Freddie Mercury’s Mustache you should carry with you a little comb. This would allow you to style your facial hair in a way that best imitates the great man’s looks.


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