5 Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy


Everybody wants to stay fit and healthy, or at least most people do, no matter how young or old they are. Whether you need to be fit and healthy because you are a world known athlete, or because it makes you feel good about yourself, bear in mind that it is never too late until it is. A lot of people with lung cancer are now regretting having smoked, those who used to drink until oblivion and now have a bad liver and their only hope is to get a transplant, can’t help but think they were too stupid in the past. That’s why the sooner you decide to lead a healthy life, the better.

(1) First of all, see your doctor regularly, your physician can order blood and urine tests to see how you’re doing. Remember, when it comes to health, prevention is everything.

(2) The second tip is watch what you eat: obesity is a big problems in our time, try not to eat fats, junk food, or too many sweet things; if you’re craving for something sweet, turn to fruits. Even if you are slim, it doesn’t mean you are healthy, eating healthily should be exercised everyday.

(3) The third thing you have to remember is to say no to smoking, drinking alcohol or doing drugs, the human body is an amazing piece of Natures engineering, don’t take it too lightly, any excess can ruin it. Try to be more confident about yourself, peer pressure can be too much at times, but the result is not worth the try. Smoking, drinking or taking drugs doesn’t make you cool – it makes you weak, so think about it next time someone is trying to be pushy about it.

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(4) The fourth tip is to do some physical exercise, preferable on a daily basis. Sports, running, walking or going to the gym for workouts are good ideas. Even walking the dog everyday can be turned into a challenging exercise, both for you and your dog.

(5) The fifth tip is actually a very simple thing: try to relax! I know easier said than done, but people tend to forget that being relaxed is a very important step to achieving a healthy life.


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